The Parlour Social

The Parlour Social
The Parlour Social

The Parlour Social is a 7 piece traditional jazz band that is based in Canberra and services the Canberra Region with audacious early jazz. It is the combination of local Canberra talents, drawing its illustrious members from such local bands as The Zackerbilks, Good Gosh, Dr. Jawbone & The Restless Souls, Brass Knuckle Brass Band and Moochers Inc.

In 2018 the band was offered a weekly residency at Molly Bar on Odgers Lane in the Canberra city centre as ‘The Molly House Band’. This residency is ongoing and is now under the direction of Liam O’Connell. Details can be found here.

The Parlour Social is:

David Abkiewicz – Sousaphone
Liam O’Connell – Banjo and Guitar
Sim Staker – Drums
Thomas Manley – Clarinet
Zach Raffan – Trumpet
Owen Cooper – Trombone

The Parlour Social continues to play and book functions in Canberra and the surrounding Tablelands Region. Contact Robbie by email for details.



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