The Robbie Mann & Neill Duncan Duo

Soon after moving to the Blue Mountains in 2019, Robbie was introduced to a fixture of the local jazz scene and musical community, Neill Duncan. Neill is renowned for simultaneously playing the tenor saxophone whilst providing rhythm on the drums. Neill also provides vocals and throws in many miscellaneous sound effects for fun. Along with the expansive stride stylings that Robbie brings to the duo, the effect is easily thrice the sum of its parts. Neill and Robbie now perform regularly around the Blue Mountains and Sydney region.

Robbie remarks: “Playing with Neill is the easiest thing in the world. The sheer quality of the groove that man generates with just his left foot and right foot alone is something that is so hard to find in even the few dedicated early jazz drummers.” And Neill is primarily a saxophonist… “He grew up in New Zealand where with his father would have him join in playing the drums with the New Orleans style jazz bands. So this music really gestated early and deeply and it shows. Even the leader of Tuba Skinny, Shaye Cohn, has remarked on how good the he sounded. His skills as a drummer, behind me, […] I’d go crazy just for that beat he provides for a band. But all that is still before he starts playing the horn as well. The man is truly a rare musical treasure and I enjoy every minute we have a chance to play together. He gets it, and not many guys do.”

The Robbie Mann & Neill Duncan Duo are available for all types of engagements and functions and provide excellent bang for your buck! They play primarily the hot swinging jazz of the 1920s and 30s. For all enquiries contact Robbie.

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